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Everything Memoir

Registration for 2024 is open!

My One-Year Memoir

Hi everyone! Feel free to take a sneak peek at the My One-Year Memoir group for 2024.

If you need that extra boost of teaching, coaching, accountability, and community,

this might help. You can take a look here--registration is now open!

Let me know if you have any questions.

Please note: registration is limited to the first 12 to sign up.

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What is My One-Year Memoir?


My One-Year Memoir is a private coaching group with bestselling memoirist Susy Flory to help you write your memoir in a year! You will get the latest, proven information and techniques you won't find anywhere else, personally crafted by Susy Flory to help you make progress on your one-year memoir journey -- all in a supportive environment of live video monthly group meetings with Susy and others working on their stories.


Whether you are an experienced writer or an ordinary person with a story to tell, you are invited!


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My One-Year Memoir

Write your memoir in a year with Susy Flory


Get the latest, proven information and techniques you won't find anywhere else, personally crafted by Susy Flory to help you make progress on your one-year memoir journey.

  • Do people always tell you, "You should write a book!"
  • Do you have a story that needs to be told, but you're not sure how to get started?
  • Have you started writing a memoir or personal story, but got discouraged, stuck, or distracted?
  • Are you intimidated by the thought of writing a book?
  • Is it hard to find the time and energy to get your memoir done?

The My One-Year Memoir group might be the right place for you!



What is included in your One-Year Memoir mentoring group:

  • Go step by step with an expert memoir teacher and bestselling writer in a MONTHLY live video group setting.Get the latest, proven information and techniques you won't find anywhere else, personally crafted by Susy Flory to help you make progress on your one-year memoir journey.
  • Clear and doable assignmentsDoable deadlines will help you stay on track
  • Encouraging and helpful feedback every month in a coaching call with Susy, who will review your assignments and give quick, actionable feedback
  • Invitation to a private dedicated Facebook group for One-Year Memoir community discussions, feedback and encouragementMake new friends and get quick answers to your questions.
  • One-of-a-kind "My One-Year Memoir Planner," a downloadable tool to help you plan and track your progressDownload the unique My One-Year Memoir planner to guide you on this journey



  • At the end of the 1YM year, receive a certificate of completion, along with Susy's 1-2 page customized review of your manuscript and list of next steps, including recommended publishing paths.
  • At her discretion, Susy may potentially recommend your project to an agent or editor, but this will be limited, and on a case-by-case basis.
  • Monthly one-on-one, 30-minute coaching appointments with Susy (phone or Zoom) for coaching, encouragement, positive suggestions, and questions.
  • Finishing-Reward: At the end of the 12-month coaching group, IF you have completed your rough draft, you will receive a full 15% of your registration fee back! This is a financial incentive for you to stay on track and finish the rough draft of your memoir in a year. You can do this! And get a check at the end as a Finishing-Reward !!



  • Writing: Original how-to charts and templates for creating your memoir.
  • Editing: Self-editing checklists, plus info on how to find and work with an editor.
  • Publishing:For traditional publishing: A memoir book template to customize for your own use. Susy has refined this template over the course of writing and publishing over a dozen memoirs and writing several dozen proposals (and getting feedback from editors and agents).
  • For self-publishing: A chart on the different kinds of publishing, plus tips on how to find the right publishing team for your story.
  • Surprise refund! At the end of the 12-month coaching group, IF you have completed your rough draft, you will receive a full 15% of your registration fee back! When you receive your certificate of completion, if you have finished your draft I will be writing you a check.

And one last thing: During the year, each participant will have the opportunity to schedule two 30-minute solo appointments with Susy (phone or Zoom) to ask questions and get specific, targeted personal help on your memoir or personal story. You can reach out and schedule these whenever you need a little extra help while you're in the One-Year Memoir group.


Dates & Times:

  • February 1, 2024 - February 1, 2025, with monthly meetings (live on Zoom and also recorded to watch later, if needed).
  • Meetings are the first Wednesday of each month, live on Zoom, at 6 pm Pacific (9 pm Eastern).

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Questions? Here's the scoop.

Q: I am not a writer. Is this group for me?

A: One-Year Memoir is a mentoring group designed for ordinary people, as well as accomplished writers. You don't need to have any writing experience to join and succeed at writing your memoir in a year. We will go step-by-step in a way that works for just about everyone.

Q: Will I really be able to finish my memoir or personal story in a year?

A: Without a doubt, you can do this with the time and help provided. With doable monthly assignments and Susy's feedback, you can write a rough draft of your story in a year. While life can be unpredictable—barring a serious health problem—if you commit to the One-Year Memoir experience, you can get your story down on paper a bit at a time and by the end of the year, you'll have a rough draft.

Q: At the end of a year, will my story be ready for publication?

A: Probably not. The reality of writing and publishing is that all rough drafts need editing and polishing, and sometimes rewriting (whether you do this on your own or with a professional). But if you don't get your story down on paper, you don't have anything to polish and get ready for publication, or to share with others. This is your chance to actually do this with an expert mentor who will be guiding you for an entire year.

Q: What will a monthly Zoom meeting be like?

A: Susy will greet you, do some teaching on a specific topic to help with writing your memoir explain resources she may provide, let you know what she's seeing in the monthly assignments (generally—she won't share comments on your work publicly), Q&A, and give the next month's assignment. Being at the live Zoom is best (and the most energizing), but if you can't make a meeting you can watch the recording.

Q: How will I turn in my monthly assignments?

A: The easy way—by email! You will email your assignment each month to Susy. She will review it and discuss with you during your monthly one-on-one 30 minute coaching call/Zoom. The suggestions she does give are practical, focused, and positive, and based on her wide experience teaching and writing over a dozen memoirs.

Q: How will the Facebook group work?

A: There will be a dedicated Facebook group just for the One-Year Memoir coaching group to use. That group will be a good place to get to know each other, ask questions, share with each other how it's going, and cheer each other on. Susy will also be posting resources, meeting reminders, answers, and encouragement there.

Q: What if I'm not a big Facebook user? Can I still join One-Year Memoir?

A: Yes, absolutely! At this time, Facebook groups are convenient and easy to use—that's why we'll be using this forum. If you're not a Facebook fan, I do understand (and sometimes have mixed feelings myself), but it's still a good place to go straight to a private group and interact there in a focused way, then sign off when you're finished. However, if you prefer, you can be part of the monthly meetings and interact with Susy via email only, bypassing the social aspect of the Facebook group.

Q: How does the 15% Finishing-Reward work? How do you determine if I've finished my memoir?

A: Two things to know here: 1) When the group starts, I will have you fill out and sign a contract with your goal word count for your memoir. You will need to hit that goal to get the 15% refund at the end of the year. 2) I will be looking at your monthly assignments and giving feedback (lots of encouraging feedback plus a few suggestions for improvement). With this monthly tracking, I'll be able to see how you're doing as you progress towards your goal for finishing your rough draft. At the end of the year, if you've finished your goal for your rough draft, I'll write you a check for 15% of the registration fee as a "Finishing Reward"!!

Q: Are there scholarships available?

A: My One-Year Memoir offers one 50% scholarship, and you can fill out the application here. Scholarships are closed.

Q: Tell me a little about Susy's qualifications.

A: Susy Flory has had two memoirs hit the New York Times bestsellers list (one of them took the #1 slot!). She is an author, co-author, and experienced memoir teacher with a background in journalism, education, and nonprofits. She is also a seminary student working on her doctorate, and graduated with her masters in 2022. Susy currently directs West Coast Christian Writers, a nonprofit she founded to host events and conferences for writers, which gives her a strong network of connections in writing and publishing. She also closely follows trends and is always working on her own books—she had a new memoir release with Tyndale in March of 2022. Susy is a memoir specialist, has written over a dozen memoirs, both her own and with other people, in both the Christian and the general market, and it is her favorite genre to write in and teach to. While most of her experience is in traditional publishing, she has also been part of a number of self-published projects. You and your memoir are in good hands with this experienced, wise and encouraging mentor who loves working in a group setting.


A fun fact: Susy once wrote a memoir about a painting racehorse!


Let's go! Let's band together and write our memoirs in a year!!


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What is Everything Memoir?

An educational community for people working on a memoir (or personal story)

Everything Memoir is a learning community for people interested in writing a memoir or personal story. Whether it's still only an idea, or nearing completion, it's a good place to connect, get advice from a bestselling memoirist, and find encouragement!


Our primary location: Everything Memoir is a private, free group on Facebook for a diverse community of people who are working on a memoir and looking for help, inspiration, encouragement, and coaching. This group is for you whether you are in the beginning stages of a memoir (maybe it's just an idea at this point!) or almost done. We're here for you, and you can find us here and request to join: Everything Memoir Private Facebook Group


Group features:

  • 30 free video workshops, on demand
  • Downloadable handouts
  • New workshops each year
  • Q&A (unlimited)
  • Community discussions
  • Everything Memoir bookstore (with recommended reads)
  • Recommended service providers spreadsheet available
  • New members joining weekly
  • A friendly, educational atmosphere!

JOIN TODAY: Everything Memoir Private Facebook Group


Susy Flory is your chief coach and moderator, author or co-author of 12 memoirs, two of which are NYT bestsellers. She also directs the West Coast Christian Writers Conference.