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"Everything Memoir" is now a retreat!

NEW: Join Susy and host Kathi Lipp for an "Everything Memoir" writing retreat May 12-17, 2019, east of Sacramento, California.


This intimate retreat features great food, community, teaching, mentoring and coaching that will have you energized and ready to launch into the next phase of your memoir (whatever stage it's in).


Come hang out with us in the forest! Sitting out on the deck, looking at the stars, toasting marshmallows and talking writing--what more could you want? 


More info here: Writing at the Red House: Everything Memoir.

My mom was an Irish storyteller ...

... and I grew up listening to her stories about growing up in the Ozarks (sometimes just a wee bit embellished) and found myself holding my breath, waiting for the mountaintop moment. It always came.


I think I inherited the storytelling gene but with ink and paper. Books are my first language and I live and breathe words and stories. I started out writing in the newspaper business with a tough old one-legged cigar-smoking editor who pounded out stories on an Underwood typewriter.


I graduated to freelance articles, then books. I've written 14 and I feel like I'm just getting started! I love reading and writing stories about unforgettable people who are living lives of adventure, courage, hope, redemption, and transformation. 


Writing is the ultimate adventure. Books are alive and when you start, you're in for a ride because you're never quite sure where you're going to end up. Ready to start a little adventure?

From a reader...

I read So Long Status Quo looking for a little enjoyment, and some education about women I've long admired such as Eleanor Roosevelt.


The author's style brings you right into the pages (and nearly into her living room!) with its warmth and its conversational tone. While I was busy reading the author's innermost thoughts about her own life and the lives of these remarkable women, a funny thing happened.


It changed me.